Extreme Repairing Mask Collection

ForAnjo Extreme Repairing Hydration series main contain hyaluronic acid  

Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan, is a clear, gooey substance that is naturally produced by your body. The largest amounts of it are found in your skin, connective tissue and eyes.
Its main function is to retain water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist.

Hyaluronic acid also plays a key role in wound healing. It’s naturally present in the skin, but its concentrations increase when there is damage in need of repair.
Hyaluronic acid helps wounds heal faster by regulating inflammation levels and signaling the body to build more blood vessels in the damaged area. Hyaluronic acid also has antibacterial properties, so it can help reduce the risk of infection when applied directly to open wounds 
This is the reason our hand and foot sock able to repairing our damage dryness skin. 

透明质酸,也称为乙酰透明质酸,是一种透明的粘稠物质,由您的身体自然产生。 它的最大量存在于您的皮肤、结缔组织和眼睛中。

透明质酸在伤口愈合中也起着关键作用。 它天然存在于皮肤中,但当有需要修复的损伤时,它的浓度会增加。
透明质酸通过调节炎症水平和向身体发出信号在受损区域建立更多血管来帮助伤口更快愈合。 透明质酸还具有抗菌特性,因此直接用于开放性伤口有助于降低感染风险。